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Current Listings

42 Oxford Drive, East Windsor, NJ

Sold Listings

1 Van Gogh Drive, East Windsor, NJ
10 Fabian Place, Pennington, NJ
11 Compton Drive, East Windsor, NJ
111 Hillside Drive, Robbinsville, NJ
12 Holly Drive, Hightstown, NJ
149 Wyndmoor Drive, East Windsor, NJ
16 Keats Court, East Windsor, NJ
162 Oak Creek Road, East Windsor, NJ
17 Moorsgate Circle, East Windsor, NJ
2 Banff Drive, West Windsor, NJ
2 Queensboro Terrace, East Windsor, NJ
203 Oak Creek Circle, East Windsor, NJ
21 Dickens Drive, Princeton Junction, NJ
21 Southern Hills Drive, Skillman, NJ
212 Oak Creek Circle, East Windsor, NJ
219 Maxwell Avenue, Hightstown, NJ
22 Betsy Ross Drive, Allentown, NJ
224 Hickory Corner Road, East Windsor, NJ
23 Shara Lane, Pennington, NJ
236 Hickory Corner Road, East Windsor, NJ
24 Andrew Court, Lawrenceville, NJ
24 Strathmore Way, East Windsor, NJ
24 Walt Whitman Way, Hamilton, NJ
25 Wayside Lane, Lawrenceville, NJ
26 Moorsgate Circle, East Windsor, NJ
28 Brooktree Road, East Windsor, NJ
28 Moorsgate Circle, East Windsor, NJ
3 Warwick Place, East Windsor, NJ
32 Buford Road, Robbinsville, N.J.
33 Copernicus Court, Cranbury, NJ
33 Rembrandt Way, East Windsor, NJ
34 Einstein Way, Cranbury, NJ
34 Shadowstone Lane, East Windsor, NJ
36 Old York Road, Chesterfield, NJ
366 Regina Avenue, Hamilton, NJ
37 Exmoor Lane, Hamilton, NJ
377 Andover Place, Robbinsville, NJ
38 Eastwood Drive, East Windsor, NJ
38 Wendover Rd, East Windsor, NJ
39 Major Road, Monmouth Jct, NJ
4 Innisbrook Road, Skillman, NJ
4 Plymouth Drive, East Windsor, NJ
4 Wessex Court, East Windsor, NJ
43 Stonehedge Drive, East Windsor, NJ
44 Cambridge Way, West Windsor, NJ
47 Faxon Drive, Robbinsville, NJ
48 lockwood Drive, Princeton, NJ
5 Allerton Way, East Windsor, NJ
5 Stanley Drive, Robbinsville, NJ
54 Linwood Drive, Monroe, NJ
55 Rainflower Lane, West Windsor, NJ
6 Cardinal Drive, West Windsor, NJ
6 Poplar Run, East Windsor, NJ
6 Ridgeview Way, Allentown, NJ
60 Chambord Court, Hamilton, NJ
62 Einstein Avenue, Cranbury, NJ
64 Planters Row, Skillman, NJ
66 Kingsland Circle, Monmouth Jct., NJ
69 Heath Court, Pennington, NJ
7 Augusta Court, Skillman, NJ
7 Coneflower Lane, Princeton Junction, NJ
7 Eastwood Drive, East Windsor, NJ
72 Minuteman Circle, Allentown, N.J.
72 Scarlet Oak Drive, Princeton, NJ
7V Avon Drive, East Windsor, NJ
8 Chase Hollow Road, Hopewell, NJ
80 Dodds Lane, Princeton, NJ
9 Copernicus Court, East Windsor, NJ
9 Keswick Circle, Monroe, NJ
9 Pickering Drive, Robbinsville, NJ
9 Spring Garden Road, Robbinsville, NJ
95 Bunker Hill Road Road, Princeton, NJ
A 7A Brookline Court, Princeton, NJ
E 26 Chicopee Drive, Princeton, NJ

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